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About Arete

Arete Advisors has assembled an elite team of cybersecurity experts to create unparalleled capabilities to address the entire cyber incident life cycle, from incident response readiness assessments to post-incident remediation. Our core skills include triage, digital forensics, malware reverse engineering, remediation, and testifying expertise.  Arete works with your organization to provide highly customized advice specific to your business size and industry. Arete’s advisory services provide legally defensible, compliant cyber strategies that assist the C-Suite and Boards of Directors to continuously improve the organizations’ cyber posture.

Arete Advisors partners with clients to reduce the burden of preparing for, detecting, and responding to cyber-attacks. Data breaches are a matter of when, not if in today’s world. Engaging Arete’s team of experts gives your organization the confidence to respond to a data breach with access to the world’s leading cybersecurity professionals – anywhere in the world – within hours not days.

Our Mission

To protect and defend organizations against the financial and reputational damages caused by data breaches.

Our Passion

  • To Teach, our clients and the cyber industry as a whole, best practices and lessons learned from the largest breaches in history
  • To Protect, our clients, customers, and partners from the theft of sensitive data that is eroding trusted business relationships, our economy and the American way of life


Social Responsibilities

At Arete, we strive to make a lasting difference by serving others in our communities. We support multiple missions in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Critical Human Needs, and the Environment. Each member of Arete team is free to spend up to 10% of their time, to volunteer and support global charities we partner with to make a lasting difference.