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Arete Accelerated Incident Response + Cyber Insurance

Prevent, Mitigate & Respond to Breaches

Arete works with the world’s leading cyber insurance and risk management teams to develop vendor partner panels between the carrier and its insured client base, and works on developing innovative ways to align the interests of carriers, brokers, and insured clients.

Insurance plays a key role in our nation’s homeland security and foundation through risk transfer and funding, as well as providing access to critical experts in the field that an organization may not have otherwise been able to contact when faced with a business-altering cyber event. 

Collaboration among insurance professionals, cybersecurity professionals and legal counsel is the key to bridging the current cyber risk model gap and identifying the tools and best practices to help companies manage their exposure to cyber-attacks. The right blend of insurance, legal and cybersecurity partners offers the strongest holistic approach to managing cyber risk effectively.

  • Arete enjoys long-standing relationships with cyber insurance carriers and leading privacy and cyber attorneys.
  • Since 100% cybersecurity is an impossibility, an organization’s goal must shift to cyber resiliency as the critical component of an effective, reliable and defensible cyber risk management program. Arete builds those programs.
  • As cyber threats evolve from disclosure of protected information to more sophisticated attacks that can impact business operations, organizations rely on cyber insurance to provide financial and investigative support. Arete assumes a critical role in evaluating how an organization recovers quickly from a cyber incident and communicates the necessary information to cyber insurance carriers, while maintaining privilege at the direction of counsel.
  • Arete has global experience working side by side with organizations to defend and protect clients’ legal, regulatory and compliance risk.
  • In addition to building and maintaining cyber defenses, organizations are developing security programs that include network security, employee training and third-party risk not only to prepare for attacks but also to become a better risk for carriers to insure. Arete prepares organizations to be cyber-ready.

Cyber insurance that is tailored to a company’s unique profile can be a key component of a robust cyber risk management program.  Organizations need help to understand their exposure and to quantify their cyber risk, so they can responsibly allocate resources.  Many are looking to their insurance carriers not only to provide coverage, but also to provide guidance on assessing and understanding their cyber risk, and to provide them with practical mitigation solutions so they can resume operations as quickly as possible and avoid reputational damage after a cyber incident.  Arete is committed to collaborating with our partners in the insurance industry to create solutions that proactively prevent and protect policyholders from advanced cyber risk.

Arete is pleased to work with cyber insurance carriers and their Breach Coaches® in order to support their insureds when they experience an incident or require proactive services. Some cyber insurance carrier examples include:

  • AIG
  • Barbican
  • Crum & Forster
  • Markel
  • Starr
  • Validus

Arete is also a Proud Member of the NetDiligence eRiskHub Vendor Alliance.

We understand the intricate coverages provided under cyber liability policies. Arete’s cybersecurity incident response insurance services support both carriers and insureds in aligning the appropriate cyber response.

First Party Coverage

Any loss of business income, extra expense, data recover expenses, cyber-extortion expense, data breach response and claim avoidance costs.

  • Incident Response Triage
  • 24×7 Cyber Emergency Hotline
  • Computer Forensics
  • Data Collection and Preservation
  • Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis
  • Pre and Post Transitional Cyber Due Diligence
  • PCI Forensic Investigator Services
  • PHI and PII Identification
  • Data Mining
  • Threat Intelligence Services
  • Digital Investigation and Expert Analysis
  • Containment and Eradication
  • Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering
  • Deep Dark Web Monitoring

Third Party Liability Coverages

People and businesses “responsible” for the systems that allowed a data breach to occur and the emerging litigation around those breaches.

  • Incident Response Triage
  • Deep Dark Web Monitoring/Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Data Privacy Officer Services for GDPR
  • NYS DFS 500
  • HIPAA Compliance Audits
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Forensic and Investigation Services
  • Cyber Security Compliance Audit for GDPR
  • Identification of PII/PHI
  • Social Media Monitoring and Intellecutal Property Infringement Investigation

Proactive & Reactive Security & Incident Response Tools

Arete offers unparalleled capabilities for the full cyber incident life cycle, including: Network Monitoring services provided by our partner SentinelOne, Proactive Cybersecurity services, Incident Response (IR) retainers, and services, IR readiness assessments and training to triage and cyber forensics, malware reverse engineering, post-incident remediation, and testifying expertise. We respond globally within hours, 24X7.

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