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How We Work Together

SentinelOne Partners with Arete Advisors to Provide Accelerated Incident Response to the Most Complex Cyber Threats

Closing the gap on today’s advanced security attacks requires tight integration between technology and people. By combining SentinelOne’s AI-driven endpoint protection, capable of preventing, detecting, and responding to attacks across all major vectors, with Arete’s incident response services including onsite or remote requirement analysis, immediate visibility into network assets, Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Threat Intelligence, and Reversing Malware and more, customers have access to a unified best-in-breed solution to overcome today’s threat landscape should their environments be in a compromised state. With this partnership, we reach more businesses under attack, so they can return to normal, safe operations.

Arete Advisors and SentinelOne - Accelerated Incident Response

  • Arete’s elite team of cybersecurity and digital forensic experts have decades of experience, managing more than 3,500 proactive and reactive incident response programs worldwide.
  • Fortified with SentinelOne’s next-generation endpoint protection solution, a purpose-built single agent that provides:
    • Protection (EPP): Protects assets from malware, exploitation, ransomware, credential theft prevention, and advanced threats
    • Detection and Response (EDR): Threat hunting, IOC search, remediation, automated Analysis, with containment and rollback
    • Unparalleled visibility: complete asset visibility, including encrypted traffic, and all operation on the endpoints
  • Equivalent online and offline protection and visibility across all endpoint assets, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
  • Automatic threat sharing intelligence to proactively block next-gen/APT/zero-day threats inside and outside the network perimeter.
  • Quarantine and isolate threats with SentinelOne endpoints and eliminate propagated attempts on your networks in conjunction with Arete.

About SentinelOne

SentinelOne is a pioneer in delivering autonomous security for the endpoint, datacenter and cloud using edge-AI to help business secure their assets with speed and simplicity. It unifies prevention, detection, response, remediation and forensics in a single platform, powered by artificial-intelligence, behavioral analysis and intelligent automation to help end-users and security professionals safeguard businesses. With SentinelOne, organizations can detect malicious behavior across multiple vectors, rapidly eliminate threats with fully-automated, integrated response capabilities, and adapt their defenses against the most advanced cyberattacks.

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