Digital Forensics

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Arete offers a full range of Digital Investigation services, including fast team deployment in response to an event, forensic preservation and triage of electronically stored evidence or volatile system artifacts, complex data recovery and evidence restoration. We perform a full system examination so as to identify patterns and traces of suspected rogue agent activity, to restore the chain of events leading up to an incident, to test activity trends over a period of time based on the remnants of file system and operating system artifacts commonly present on most storage media.

Forensic Data Collection

Arete can perform forensic collections from a variety of systems and sources such as laptops, desktops, file servers, E-mail servers, SharePoint servers, financial and accounting systems, web servers, E-mail archiving solutions and cloud-based systems, etc. Collections can be performed locally or remotely over the network, from plain or encrypted media, with user permissions or covertly, as needed based on the nature and objectives of an investigation or a case. We will create logical or physical images adhering to the top forensic preservation and chain of custody standards using a repeatable and verifiable process that is defensible in court. We can also perform advanced file recovery, including rebuilding of hardware and software RAID systems, rebuilding of damaged dynamic volumes (striped, mirrored, RAID).

Forensic Analysis and Expert Services

We perform carving of the disks’ unallocated space analyzing it for the presence of long deleted images, documents, E-mails, instant messenger traffic or file system metadata artifacts to either prove or disprove corporate suspicions with hard evidence. We will prepare preliminary or comprehensive computer forensic expert reports, perform peer review, and help you substantiate or adjust your position based on the evidence examined. We can recover deleted files and folders, perform signature analysis to identify file-extension mismatches, perform timeline and frequency analysis, examine Internet searching and browsing history, computer usage history, uncover applications installed or removed, look deep into the structure of compressed or damaged files and E-mail archives (zip, rar, ost, pst, nsf, edb, dbx and many other formats). We can help you break passwords on files of interest using our advanced recovery techniques that are based on all of the evidence collected.