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The threat of cybercrime is the new reality for enterprises worldwide

It’s not a matter of if you will be targeted, it’s a matter of when. Taking a proactive approach to your cyber and risk management strategy is essential to building and maintaining secure, vigilant, resilient organizations.

Staying Ahead of Adversaries – Arete’s Incident Response team works with your organization to provide customized advice and a plan for you to create a proactive cyber and risk management strategy and services to help you continuously improve your defensive and offensive cyber posture. As cyber-attacks increasingly take a toll on corporate bottom lines and reputations, developing a robust cyber incident response capability becomes essential for CISOs that seek to build secure, vigilant, resilient organizations.

  • Board and C-Suite Consulting services
  • Incident Response and Digital Investigations services, Risk, Legal Consulting services
  • Expert testimony, security risk and controls auditing

Arete’s IR Retainer will help your organization:

  • Quickly understand the nature of an attack – to help answer and address the questions of what, where, how and how much
  • Minimize the costs and devastating impact associated with data loss –the cost of time, resources, reputation, revenue, and diminished customer confidence
  • Introduce a heightened level of management and controls that can strengthen your IT, business and communication processes, helping your organization focus on core activities that deliver value for the enterprise
  • Create a Cybersecurity framework that protects your enterprise environment and more importantly your employees – Incident Response is stressful and chaotic, the right framework will ensure your team feels empowered to do what needs to be done in order to react in a timely and efficacious manner

We Work to Prepare You for the Breach

Arete-We work to prepare you for the breach

Arete Incident Response Retainer Benefits

  • Annual planning workshop and annual or semi-annual status review and report
  • Risk assessment and scenario planning
  • Blocks of hours per year for incident response and proactive services
  • Access to Incident Response threat analysis service
  • 24x7x365 Cyber-911 emergency hotline open to all sized organizations
  • Worldwide, around-the-clock coverage
  • Cross-platform support from mainframe to mobile